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Will Educational Scandals put an impact on Students and their identity?

Bipin Dimri Apr 13, 2019

The students have started to feel the consequences due to their parents’ implications in the college admission scandal. Some universities start to boot students from the internet.

Colleges must get their students disciplined to keep actions under wraps. According to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act or FERPA, it says that colleges must not release the information about the academic record of students. It is an initiative taken to protect the privacy of students.

But, on the other hand, it gives the colleges an opportunity not to talk about such scandals. They can do so by keeping information regarding college admission scandals private students.

What College has to say on the buzz!

However, some universities came forward to talk about such activities. They respond to the charges of rich parents getting their kids into colleges with the use of their money and fraud. However, the detail remains scant with the students’ name being withheld.

Yale responds in the matter with its Presidents making an announcement. Peter Salovey, the president at Yale, says that they had cancelled the admission of a student who found to fake the academic credentials.

On the other hand, the University of Southern California also comes up to give clarity on the matter. It says that it froze the accounts of the students who were tied to the scandal. It means that such students will not be able to register for new classes and also cannot get their transcripts. The university also went to state disciplinary action towards such activities.

Moreover, another five universities included in the scandal list says they took less about the actions.

Pamela Payton, the spokesperson of the University of San Diego, says that they have identified one student linked to the scandal. However, the university did not provide further information on the issue due to privacy concern.


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