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Wars are coming to life in Brazilian classrooms

Bipin Dimri Jun 11, 2019

Jair Bolsonaro has brought a new and controversial reform to the classrooms across Brazil. The president is currently encouraging the students accumulating education in Brazilian schools to film classroom teachers if the students suspect the teachers are putting leftist ideas forward. According to the sources, this move is the beginning of reigniting battle in the most contested arenas across the country- the cultural war in Brazil.

This week Bolsonaro took it to Twitter and wrote that Brazilian teachers should involve in teaching and not brainwash the students. Moreover, Bolsonaro also shared a snippet that has been shot in a class by a student. The video suggests that the teacher was criticizing the president and his recent moves.

Carlos, son of the president also reportedly retweeted a video snippet made by the student suggesting that filming the incidents in schools is a legitimate defense act. By the looks of it, the recording is a defensive move against the ideological predators who disguise themselves as ideological predators.

The movement of filming teachers came into being with a new campaign, Schools without Party. By the looks of it, Schools W. Party aka ESP is more of a conservative border movement which came into being in the year 2004. The moment rose to influence since 2004 since Bolsonaro became popular in the country.

The message of endorsement from Bolsonaro comes from an ever-lasting battle related to the advancement of education in the country. Moreover, this year, the Brazilian government has cut off the budget around 30% for three significant public universities in the country.

The supporters of ESP have collected a piece of containing evidence for the teachers who wear T-shirts to support the country’s leftist candidates. The critics in the country suggest that the real agenda of ESP is in censoring the teachers and later get rid of their critical thinking about things.


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