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War on Education in Brazil is causing a severe backlash in the country

Bipin Dimri Jun 12, 2019

Around 30 percent of all the federal universities in the country are going to have discretionary budget cuts. By the looks of it, this has created a drastic and instant effect on the ability of the people to work.

Brazil’s federal universities have become extremely weak in concerning institutional autonomy. Usually, the budgets in Brazil undergo two different forms, like discretionary and obligatory. According to the sources, the salaries of the staff members of the universities are covered by the obligatory budgets, and these cannot be cut.

On the other hand, the discretionary side pays for the water, contracted services, electricity, and phones. Long story short, the cut will be made to the discretionary budgets that suggest that universities will not be able to function properly. Moreover, the federal institutions will also lack the basic services that are needed for running classes, maintaining campus safety, and taking care of the laboratories.

Additionally, the scientific knowledge department of Brazil will also go through a massive threat. And this is all because of the hollow out federal research foundations. The extreme reductions have in the budget of Scientific National Council, and Higher Education Coordination Improvement has led to the cancellation of numerous PG scholarship & threatens also threaten the research project’s viability.

The universities in Northern Brazil was going to be much more affected by these budget cuts. In the meantime, the ones that have already been established in the Southern region of Brazil, mainly the federal universities near Rio de Janeiro & São Paulo.

The cuts in the research will ultimately lead to harming the ability of the country for generating innovative measures. They would produce a skilled workforce and at the same time, contribute to responsibly governing the projects. A recent development states that the Bolsorano’s administration in the country is beginning to collapse.


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