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Walmart is looking for talented high school students across the US

Bipin Dimri Jun 04, 2019

The new report suggests that Walmart is targeting a unique talent in a tight labor market, which is the High School Students.

In the US, Walmart is a massive private employer and features a large workforce of around 1.5 million people in the US. On Tuesday, Walmart announced that the organization is going to expand the previously announced perk called the college-education to the high schoolers. The multinational corporation, Walmart said that it hopes to get the students off from the universities to continue with their education. Walmart is also planning to relieve the students from the astounding loan debt.

According to Walmart, the high school students in the country can access:

1- The students working in the retail corporation have to option to access expendable services.

2- The students can also opt for SAT and ACT preparation courses.

3- Walmart calls the initiative as “Live Better U’s College Start,” and the corporation promises more than seven hours of liberal credit college.

4- If the students complete their high school program, they get access to several college degrees that is debt free.

According to the sources, Walmart said that the corporation has less than 25,000 workers who are accumulating their education from high schools across the country. Walmart also said that the number is a tiny percentage of the overall workforce of the country.

The new announcement came into being after a year Walmart began subsidizing the overall higher education cost for the employees who are yet to garner the college. Walmart can achieve this via a strong partnership that comes from Guild Education. The Guild Education is more of tuition reimbursement as well as an education platform that aids large employers by extending the benefits of the education.

Moreover, Walmart worker who contribute around $1 a day for almost 365 days.


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