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Universities in the UK will tackle racism

Bipin Dimri May 03, 2019

The universities across along with NUS are on the verge of highlighting the gaps between students of different races. By the looks of it, there is a 13% gap between BAME and white students in attaining first & secondary degrees. According to NUS and UUK, university campuses are in dire need of a change in culture. They need more of a complete transformation. 

Amma Atteeq, one of the Aston University students, said that to burn down the bridges between the children from different races, there should be new initiatives. Atteeq played a vital role in contributing to the research of NUS and UUK. Amma said that they are delighted to be involved in an effort. 

The Aston University student stressed on the fact that the students need to know where to begin. And they also have to understand how to embark this journey. The students need the support of the university to provide a unique curriculum. And approaching the people who have succeeded in their lives can remarkably inspire the students. 

Joel Simpson, a student from the University of the Arts, located in London, had also made contributions to the research. He said that the staff should be in charge of interrogating the data behind diminishing the gaps. Nevertheless, there is a sheer need for understanding the variation and the factors which will lead to the difference. The staff members immerse themselves with the students, and they will have the perfect picture and clear comprehension of what a student faces in day to day lives. 

Even the smallest of the things can affect the mindset of the students. Well, this is something that the staff, faculty, and teacher of a university should understand. On the other hand, the universities in the UK should have some role models that the students can look up for inspiration. These figures will help them in reaching the top of their potential.


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