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Universities in the UK need grading system

Bipin Dimri Apr 03, 2019

A remarkable amount of universities have paved their way to the UAE in the past four decades. The UAE has shown tremendous commitment towards higher research and learning. And in due course of time, the national universities in the UAE have tremendously grown as far as reputation is considered. On top of that, these universities attract brilliant researchers as well as minds from around the world.

The Education Ministry on Monday has come up with an announcement which states that every single one of the universities is going to be put on evaluation concerning with the high quality metric as soon as the calendar hits September. The reason to introduce grading or the metric system will help the ministry to keep tabs on the consistency, standards, effectiveness as well as transparency of the education system. The metric system will play a crucial role to showcase the improvement made in terms of performances that will eventually provide an insight into the scrupulously accurate continuing assessments.

The grading system is also expected to enhance the level of protection while developing an extensive way of learning of the third-level sector. By the looks of it, the grading system will protect the reputation of the UAE board and educational institutes that leads to significant international institutions to expand their branches in the UAE.

The newly introduced grading system will ensure that all of the institutions providing higher education are going to have to go through the basic standard of licensing as well as accreditation. The educational institutions that will become the top-notch institutes in the metric system are going to be awarded several competitive advantages.

With the metric system, several programmes are going to be evaluated at the same time. And this will also prioritize the institutions to introduce several intuitive plans at an inexpensive rate. The institutions which are going to fail in making it to the grading system are going to be put on probation, among other consequences.


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