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Universities are making counter attacks as Brazil cut off scholarship funds

Bipin Dimri May 15, 2019

Distinctive education experts and deans across Brazil are widely concerned about the academic future of the country. Last week, the Ministry of Education had reportedly announced that it has blocked off the upcoming scholarships for the doctoral and master’s students.

A foundation called, Improvement of Higher Education Personnel has been tied up to Brazil's education ministry. The Foundation said that Education System of Brazil has shut down the scholarships for providing the students with an oppertunity to pursue higher education. The cut back is an extensive effort for slash public spending in the country. Nevertheless, the foundation didn’t mention how many scholarships have been impacted so far.

The government of Brazil claims that it has been implementing budget cuts around the board equally. At the same time, some people suggest that the cut is a significant part of a staunch political movement.

During his young presidency, Jair Bolsonaro is targeting the education system. According to the sources, Bolsonaro has vowed to depose the “leftist ideology” that came from schools. Bolsonaro said that ideology is responsible for ruining the academic environment of the country. Abraham Weintraub, the Education Minister of Brazil, has been in profound arguments with one another for fighting off the infamous “leftist indoctrination.”

The scholarships for the doctoral and the master’s students has aided the students with the living costs that they need over the course of the education degree. The officials said that the scholarships that have already been awarded are not going to be withdrawn. Nevertheless, it is going to impact the scholarships that are already in the application process.

Fluminense Federal University dean, Antonio Claudio said on Thursday that the move has reportedly compromised the ability of the university to continue with the academic research. The new cuts have made things much more difficult for the universities than it was before.


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