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Uniformity among the student in Thailand is destroying creativity

Bipin Dimri Apr 18, 2019

One of the elite private boys' schools in Bangkok has decided to experiment with the students to enlist the sheer quality of creativity in them. The school is reimagining the uniform rules of the students which permits the pupils for displaying the essence of individuality in them. The students are allowed to wear the attire of their choice once each week. 

According to the sources, the Bangkok Christian College students have responded to this decision positively. By the looks of it, the students are pleased that they are going to take some break from the stereotypical uniformity which is usually offered by the policy of the region.

One of the students even attended the school in an animal costume. Nevertheless, the innovative idea saw a dead end as the Officials of the education department condemned the move. The officials felt that any relaxation in the dress code for the school has the potential in threatening the entire foundation of the society of Thailand.

The Private Education Commission’s secretary general, Chalam Atham said that the college is violating the Student Uniform Act of 2008. On the other hand, the education ministry warned the officials of the public school and threatened the students with severe penalties as this is a breach of discipline and order in the educational institutions.

Later the controversy made its way to the newspaper headlines being stated as the massive uniform debate of the decade. The uniforms are often considered to showcase elevated status which gives in most of the other countries and not just in Thailand.

The education system of Thailand reinforces the dress code as it centralizes the culture and national identity of the country. The ministry of education on the other hand also played a crucial role in expanding the present-day notion of the country which was coined back in the 1950s.


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