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UK universities will compensate the students due to campus strikes

Bipin Dimri May 16, 2019

A set of universities in Britain have been told to pay up compensation money to make up for the teaching hours that were lost in the previous year. In the year 2018, a wave of campus strike launched by staff members along with lecturers of the college made direct impacts on the teaching hours.

The higher education official has ordered payouts of hundreds of pounds for Wales and England in multiple cases at the student's made complaints that they have missed out on numerous seminars and lecturers. The students also complained that they had been subjected to widespread distress that directly came from the universities.

The Independent Adjudicator Office said that they have received over 80 complaints from 80 individuals related to the industrial action of 2018. The industrial action was spread out to 65 campuses for 14 days. By the looks of it, nine cases are currently being upheld out of 19 cases, and one case was settled independently.

Felicity Mitchell, an independent adjudicator, said that some of the providers had delivered better insights and solutions as to what the students missed in 2018. At the same time, some of the other providers curated podcasts, lecture recordings, and online materials for the students to learn. And others have done nothing to help the students, and this is quite unfair.

Mitchell said that they recommend that there will be numerous cases where partial refunds will be done. And it is the civil rights of the students to be treated fairly. One of the universities has ordered in providing full refunds to the students given that the course fees is around £1,154. Some of the universities also rejected complaints of students saying that the strike was out of their control. The situation is quite dire around the country due to the strike of the past.


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