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UBEC will embrace Open Schooling for reducing the number of out-of-school children

Bipin Dimri May 31, 2019

UBEC or Universal Basic Education Commission said that it would soon embrace the idea of Open Schooling Programme. The program has the potential of diminishing the number of students who do not attend schools across Nigeria.

UBEC’s Executive Secretary Dr. Hamid Bobboyi was the first person to inform the people of the two-day Committee Meeting concerning the Open Schooling Programme in Abuja, the capital city of Nigeria. Bobboyi also said that the program is going to get technical support from Canada’s Commonwealth of Learning.

By the looks of it, Nigeria has been facing significant challenges in the field of primary education. And this is the reason why the commission began reevaluating the strategies for addressing the ever-growing challenges.

Bobboyi also there is an alarming increase in the figure of the out-of-school students. Nevertheless, there isn’t a single reason that boosts this persisting issue in Nigeria. One of the major problems of the increase in the out-of-school students' number is that the children do not have access to education facilities.

Bobboyi said that UBEC is going to focus on a single strategy which would help the department to help the children of Nigeria in accumulating education. If the children are not able to go to school, then educational centers and facilities can reach them and enlist them with basic education.

Nigeria is in dire need to provide education to the downtrodden children. Innovating new schooling methods to make the students attend class is the best bet. UBEC also said that sending text materials to the school is not going to help the students in the long run.

The reason why UBEC is called the new schooling plan an innovation as it involves technology. UBEC will curate the facilities that will enable the children to learn and read without having to use the internet. On the other hand, the innovation will also spread the information and help the students to attend classes and register at the centers.


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