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UAE’s education will become better with the innovative tech and products from Apple

Bipin Dimri Apr 22, 2019

Apple Solution Expert (ASE) and Computers Technical Systems by MDS called MDS CTS are reportedly playing an essential role in driving the educational sector in UAE by deploying the Cupertino tech giant’s products in transforming the learning and teaching. By the looks of it, the company has been working with more than 100 educational institutes as well as training centres in the country. Five out of the hundred schools are currently recognised as the Apple Distinguished Schools.

On the other hand, MDS CTS also leads the Inclusive Learning Initiative that aims at offering impeccable learning experience to the students with special needs. The ILI with the help of accessibility features of the Apple Devices will help these students to transcend into being independent learners.

For the last 15 years, MDS CTS has made a fortune by delivering the cutting edge Apple solutions to many schools which are spread across UAE. MDS CTS said that they are incredibly proud of the contribution which is needed in transforming the education system around the UAE. MDS CTS is an expert in Apple solution and it works intimately with the educational institutes to fully comprehend the unique challenges by providing custom-made solutions, prevailing supports as well as various services to meet up with the requirements of the institutions.

The provider deals with strategic planning sessions as well as technical services. At the same time, it provides the professional learning that the teachers needs for educating the students. The EVP, of MDS CTS, Roger Kakhia said that they have an impeccable experience, deep understanding and expertise of the integration of technology that the educational sector needs.

Kakhia also said that the goal of the company is to be the agent of transforming the integration of technology in the educational sector. The company plans to raise the awareness of utilization of the Apple pencil and iPad for sketching, doodling and drawing among the students.


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