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Trump administration suspends the education programs for migrated children

Bipin Dimri Jun 06, 2019

The Republican administration led by Donald Trump to suspend recreational, legal, and educational programs for the migrated children. These children are in federal custody of the US. According to the administration, the children who cross the border and make it to the US without a legal guardian or parents is enlisting massive pressure on the agency's resources to house the students.

The agency which houses the migrant children in the country's Office of Refugee Resettlement has asked the Congress for an additional $2.88 B for an increase in shelter capacity, according to Evelyn Stauffer, the spokeswoman of HHS. Moreover, ORR is a segment of the Health and Human Service Department.

ORR has reportedly asked the providers of the network to begin scaling or stopping the services of the providers. According to Stauffer, ORR is not accountable to protect the safety and life of the migrants.

On the 30th of May, one of the officials of HHS Mark Boss has sent an email to the providers in the ORR network of shelters and informed them about the cost budget for recreational and educational activities. Boss also included the association of staff with these programs and said whatever federal funds were received after 22nd of May were unallowable costs.

Reuters was the first to see the email and then "Reveal" reported the email to CIR. The Agents of the US who were stationed at the border have reportedly apprehended 11,507 unaccompanied children to the southwest border back in May. According to the department, the number has an increase of 80% of migrant children from the previous year.

As of now, the ORR shelter system is currently at 96% capacity, according to the statistics provided by an anonymous HHS official. The provision of education and recreational activities like sports and English language lessons needs a well established legal settlement, Flores settlement.


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