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Top 20 Plagiarism Detection Tools

Sangita Mukherjee Jan 03, 2019

Technology advancement and the development of internet has provided us with the opportunity to access tons of information from any place and at any time on the planet. Original ideas has become a cliché nowadays. Hence, in order to authenticate each and every document, the developers have designed tools to validate pieces of writings and detect plagiarism and piracy. This article will highlight the importance and will also discuss about the top 10 plagiarism tools that are most commonly used today.

1. Dupli Checker:

Dupli Checker


  • Considered to be one of the most user friendly tools to detect plagiarism; people can access the Dupli Checker for free.
  • The results are generated in quick time and the tool can be used for single as well as for multiple purposes.

  • Another point that has to be noted is that the registered users can access the tool and can conduct up to 50 plagiarism checks per day.

  • Duplichecker empowers you to either reorder your content in the field and afterward check it for unoriginality or transfer a Docx or Text document from your PC.


  • One of the major drawbacks for the Dupli Checker tool is that the fact that the unregistered users can only access the tool only once per day.

  • Paid version is not available.

2. Grammarly



  • Thoroughly scrutinizes each and every sentence accurately and detects any grammatical error easily.

  • The Grammarly tool can also scan spelling mistakes and provides easy and instant results.

  • Undoubtedly, this tool improves the writing skills of the users and it detects plagiarism.


  • The free version of Grammarly offers a limited number of checks. In contrast the premium version allows the users to conduct more than 250 types of grammatical and spelling checks simultaneously.

  • The premium version is very expensive; hence, it is a challenge for most users to afford the tool.

3. PaperRater



  • If you have to check your content for syntax botches, have it edit with recommendations for various wording, or have it checked for copyright infringement, this is the instrument.

  • Developed by a group of computational etymologists and topic specialists.

  • PaperRater flaunts exact outcomes in a moment or two.

  • A multi-reason free copyright infringement discovery device that is utilized in more than 140 nations.


  • If you are hoping to store result report, at that point you are in a tight spot here.

  • Free of charge, entries of up to 5 pages, language structure and spelling check, composing proposals instrument and robotized scoring.

  • $7,95 every month or $95,40 every year. Every above component included in addition to editor with synchronous copyright infringement check, no promotions, document transferring capacity and quicker handling occasions.

4. Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism Checker


  • One of the most straightforward to utilize free copyright infringement discovery apparatuses because of its well-ordered methodology on the best way to utilize it.

  • Click on the "For creators" choice to check whether they have counterfeited your substance and posted it on the Internet. You may likewise get a warning by email.

  • Download is not required.

  • User-friendly, totally free literary theft discovery device to check whether content is appropriated.


  • If you are utilizing none of those 2 programs then you should need to look somewhere else.

5. Copyleaks



  • Diverse areas on the stage for instructive and business purposes. The business area delivers to distributers and SEO offices, while the instruction segment to schools, understudies and colleges.

  • Copyleaks can filter content in different record arrangements and all Unicode dialects.

  • Copyleaks enables you to utilize the API instrument to scan for counterfeited eLearning content everywhere throughout the Internet. It likewise offers a portable application alongside a MS Office add-on, which you can use to check for copyright infringements as you are composing a report on MS Word.


  • Tragically, you must make a record with the expectation of complimentary first, with the end goal to scan for counterfeited eLearning content.

  • The major drawback of this tool is that only the first 10 pages of content are for free.

6. Plagiarisma



  • Basic and simple to-utilize, multi-reason unoriginality location instrument that is utilized by understudies, educators, scholars, and different individuals from the artistic business.

  • 190+ Languages Supported. There is for all intents and purposes no dialect prohibited from the rundown.

  • Reorder or Type your content in the suitable field, give a URL, or transfer a document from your PC. Upheld record types include: HTML, TXT, EPUB, DOC, RTF, XLS, DOCX, XLSX, PDB, PDF, ODT, FB2.

  • Have your content immediately checked by downloading the additional items.


  • On the off chance that you are searching for an instrument for broad utilize at that point look elsewhere. The free form has a set number of copyright infringement checks.

7. Plagium



  • Basic yet completely useful free written falsification location device with various levels of inquiry. You can copy paste content. It highlights 2 sorts of ventures, fast hunt and profound pursuit.

  • For up to 5,000 characters for every pursuit you don't need to pay any expense.


  • Just in the event that you join you can transfer your document, have it checked, and get a word utilization provide details regarding it.

  • On the off chance that you are an incessant client of the stage, Plagium urges you to pay for a membership. For $9,99 every month you can complete 287 Quick Searches and 143 Deep Searches. For $24,99 every month you can complete 699 Quick Searches and 349 Deep Searches. The last alternative is a $99,99 every month membership which offers 2,949 Quick Searches and 1,474 Deep Searches.

8. Quetext



  • Essential format and utilitarian interface that checks against the Internet, and in addition different databases.

  • Quetext is totally free.

  • No download, registration or account required.


  • Clients can just reorder message in the assigned zone.

  • For nothing out of pocket. No top-notch enrollments. No memberships accessible.

9. PlagScan



  • Plagiarism location instrument for the two people and organizations that checks writings against online substance, logical diaries and the client's archives too.

  • It is fully online. No download required.

  • You can choose from: a) specifically gluing you message into the proper field, b) bringing in the document from the web by entering its URL at the shown region, or transferring it from a distributed storage zone, for example, Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive, c) transferring a record from your work area.

  • The client pays on-request as per their separate needs.


  • Instead of aggressive stages the interface appears to be very best in class.

  • Records for schools, colleges or organizations begin from $19,99 every month with boundless online capacity time alongside an assortment of organization and cloud highlights.

10. Viper



  • All highlights are accessible to everybody on the Internet.

  • Your archive will be checked against in excess of 10 billion online assets including diaries, books and sites.


  • Generally focused to scholarly understudies as it is broadly utilized for assessing understudy papers.

  • No memberships accessible. Completely free stage.

11. Small SEO Tools

Small SEO Tools


  • Small SEO Tool is very easy and simple to use.

  • It is 100% free.

  • There are different options to enter the text. You can upload a document or copy paste the text or choose from drop box.

  • If you have any URL in the text, then you can click on “Exclude a specific URL.”


  • The only drawback that Small SEO Tools has is, it can only analyze 1000 words per search.

12. PlagTracker



  • Understudies, educators, distributers and site proprietors can exploit Plagtracker.

  • The client gets educated about what parts should be referred to and a rundown of sources to be utilized.

  • Check your eLearning content in English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Romanian.


  • You need to buy a top-notch bundle to have your record transferred and checked.

  • For $7,49 every month you can transfer and check bigger records with quicker preparing occasions, sentence structure checks and boundless checking volume for numerous archives.

13. Search Engine Reports

Search Engine Reports


  • Search Engine Reports are easy and free way to check whether the content is copied from elsewhere or not.

  • Search Engine Reports also gives you the phrases that are unique in your content that you have used.

  • You can check your spelling errors which can easily get passed through human eyes.

  • There are several methods for plagiarism check on this tool are either through uploading file, copy paste or can choose from dropbox.


  • There is one setback of this tool is it can only examine 1000 words per batch.

14. noplag



  • Receive a written falsification report including the level of uniqueness of your content. Any replicated words and articulations will be featured, and a rundown of sources with a similar substance will be displayed.

  • You can check the entire web within one check.

  • There are open source and private repositories.

  • Noplag has a database of 5+ millions academic papers, journals and articles.

  • Noplag is both for individual users and for schools, colleges, universities and companies.


  • Noplag has got only one setback and that is it is a paid tool.

15. Unicheck



  • Unicheck is a modern continuous unoriginality checker that gives moment results.

  • This free check does not attach the client to any commitments.


  • This benefit offers a constrained free check of up to 500 words.

16. Dustball



  • Dustball is easy, needs no download and it is a free tool.

  • You can copy-paste text and upload word document.

  • There is no word limit in this tool.

  • You can download the plagiarism report for free.


  • Except word document and copy-paste you cannot use other means to upload any text.

  • This tool is not 100% accurate. The premium version is more accurate that the free version.

17. Plagiarism Checker X

Plagiarism Checker X


  • Very simple to use with advantageous interface.

  • Easy to get counterfeited expressions and words.

  • You can check a document for online copyright infringement and one next to the other examinations between records to locate the comparative substance.

  • Where the vast majority of as far as possible the quantity of words in their excellent plans, it accompanies boundless words.

  • Allow you to check the URL, extremely valuable for site proprietors.

  • It additionally has a catchphrase analyzer device that depicts the quantity of event and thickness of watchwords.

  • Available in 7 distinct dialects.

  • Available both in Free and Paid version.


  • For utilizing it, you should download the product first.

18. Oxphrase



  • Oxphrase can detect plagiarism and generate PDF reports only in few clicks.

  • Manually checking your document by using search engines will cost much time and effort.

  • Oxphrase is flexible and its plagiarism checking procedure like sensitivity, citation and bibliography.


  • With only oxphrase premium you can check up to 30,000 words (120 pages) each time.

19. PapersOwl Plagiarism Checker

PapersOwl Plagiarism Checker


  • It is totally free. You don't have to pay anything to check your paper for literary theft since we know the estimation of unique and novel works.

  • It is quick and safe. One of the fundamental advantages of our antiplagiat checker online is that it works so quick that you won't have enough time to make yourself some espresso while it breaks down your content, and it is sheltered.

  • We utilize the most recent and the best calculations and programming with the end goal to furnish you with a propelled check and help you get the amazing papers.

  • It is straightforward being used and won't take much time!


  • The only drawback of this tool is that you cannot upload any document here for plagiarism check.

20. Plagramme



  • Easily look at two reports or spot similitudes, indications of written falsification between any two records.

  • The world's first multilingual Plagiarism checker.

  • The free online written falsification checking framework Plagramme is a top of the line literary theft checker that clients can access for nothing.


  • The full form of Plagramme will have the capacity to decide if the archive being referred to is unique, duplicated or misses the mark with respect to its quality.

  • You must register yourself and make an account for plagiarism check. 

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