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The students with low income in Canada are going to face a tough time

Bipin Dimri May 24, 2019

The School Board of Toronto District is looking forward to trimming the spending of $67-million. The experts, on the other hand, are suggesting that the students with low-budgets are going to be affected more when things will go to sidelines.

The school board committee is recommending to close down four out of 10 outdoor education centers to save around $3 million. Judging by the revelation, this is one of the recommendations to make up for the reduction of $42 million in terms of provincial funding.

Robin Pilkey, the chairperson of the school board committee, said that this had been an incredibly tough decision. Pilkey also added that the board has to prioritize ways that will not affect much of the classrooms across the region. 

According to Pilkey, they currently reside in the major urban area of the country, and due to the location, several numbers of kids do not have adequate access to outdoor education experiences. The district school board said that they want to keep all of the outdoor education centers fully functional, but due to a decline in funding their hands are tied.

In the previous week, the board announced that it is going to receive around $13 million or less from the province. And currently, they are seeking for a series to have the potential cuts such as school buses to the staffing of French immersion. The school board committee is also going to cut literacy courses along with guidance support.

Pilkey also said that nobody is going to go through a happy ending. Amidst the cuts, the school district board also have to make up for the void. On the other hand, the board is accounted for an amount of $25.7, and they do not have any information regarding the deficit amount.


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