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The school students will lose out £65m of free school meals

Bipin Dimri May 09, 2019

The students of the secondary school who belong to the downtrodden families of around the UK. These students are entitled to get free meals from school; however, these students are presently losing out on hundreds of millions of pound each year, based on the investigation conducted by the charity.

Citizens UK has said that the meal-money from the free schools is currently losing out on the money. By the looks it, the meals money is not spent by the students. Most of the students are missing out on the free lunch as they are sick and the others are missing out on their lunch dates because of their commitments to the sport. On the other hand, some students have not completely spent on the entire amount. Due to this, the provider of the school meal is retaining the money of the meal.

According to charity, the problem is spread across the country, and according to the present day estimation, the summed up loses are as close to £65m. The Department of Education of the UK has provided with the estimated figure. The education department also said that the local authorities, schools, as well as the private companies are retaining the funds which have been unspent. There are students in these schools who say that they do not have access to the complete school meals.

A single student is leading a campaign to tackle this problem. According to the student, the campaign is excruciatingly vital as it will allow the other students to express what they are feeling right now. The pupil also said that the students who are entitled to free school meals are also treadted different to the pupils who are paying for the school meals.

The friends of the pupil leading the campaign are suggesting to keep the change so that they will be able to afford extra food for the morning.



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