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The public school board of Upper Canada has sent notices to one hundred teachers

Bipin Dimri May 03, 2019

The rural areas that surround Ottawa are operated by the public board, along with the communities of Hawkesbury, Brockville, Perth, Pakenham, Cornwall, Alexandria, Smiths Falls, Kemptville, and Almonte. On Tuesday, the board has reportedly handed out around 104 redundancy notice, mainly for the teachers of high school, according to John McAllister, the chairperson.

The public board employs around 650 of the high school teachers. On the other hand, the officials of the unions are stating that the notice is utterly devastating. On the other hand, they have also blamed the plan of the provincial government which wants to increase the size of the class in Canadian high schools. The provincial government wants to move up the numbers from 22 to 28 students.

According to McAllister, increasing sizes of the class was a crucial factor; nevertheless, another significant factor is the one-time transportation bill. There is also an arbitration award that is currently given to the school bus around operators around the district. And this furthermore makes the board liable for back pay of $18 million, along with a transportation deficit of $5-million to $6-million per year.

According to McAllister, the teachers who have been provided with the notice are not simply going to be laid off. There is a highly likely chance that some of these teachers might get hired again. Nevertheless, everything depends on the rate of enrolment, funding along with other crucial factors. As of now, the public board is waiting to take a peek on the technicality details that are going to be provided by the province and then the calculation for funding will begin finally.

Even in the past, the public board gave the teachers with redundancy notices. In the previous year, the board gave redundancy notice to around 30-40 teachers, but only three teachers were re-hired. The reason why most of the teachers are angry and infuriated is that some of them have worked as teachers for more ten years.


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