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The ongoing college admissions scandals in the US is shed light on some exciting revelations

Bipin Dimri Jun 11, 2019

The infamous college admissions that reach out to the Justice Department’s Varsity Blues has recently entered into a new sphere. The federal court in Boston began sentencing the alleged accused comprising 20 coaches, parents, & significant other defendants who have been pleaded guilty to felonies.

Moreover, there are two other accused who have agreed to plead guilty & await a hearing. In the meantime, two other defendants have not yet been pleaded guilty. If the officers of the court start digging, then the trails will play out for several months to come.

So far, the case has been nothing less than a blockbuster case ever since the case was unfolded in the month of March. Some of the famous CEOs, actresses, investors, as well as other wealthy parents across the US,  have been accused of providing bribes to Rick Singer, the mastermind of the entire scheme. According to the sources, Rick Singer is a college consultant who promised high profile individuals across the US to get their children into some of the elite colleges in the country.

According to the sources, Singer offered the accused personalities that they need to find someone who can cheat on the ACT or SATs score of their children. Singer also said that by falsely classifying the children as top-notch athletic recruits, things would work on their favor.

During the proceedings of the court, the prosecutors came forward to create more of a legal argument which states that the $25million total payments made by the parents to Singer are necessarily the nonprofit crimes. Moreover, the coaches and the test admins have also been an integral part of the racketeering.

The education departments of several regions across the US are surprised since the scenario came into prominence. Moreover, the case has accumulated full attention from the media and significant people from education department across the country.


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