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The higher education system in India require more reforms and investments

Bipin Dimri Apr 24, 2019

When it comes to higher education in the country things are looking heavily serious, and a strict reformation is needed, according to an official of NITI Aayog. The official also said that the country needs to grow its expertise in the educational fields such as technology, science, mathematics as well as engineering. 

V K Saraswat, the member of NITI Aayog also released a task force report basing on the Emergence of STEM education in India. Saraswat said that India might be having a considerable number people with post-graduate, graduate as well as Ph.D. degrees, nevertheless, the quality of these graduates is questionable because of the imperfection in the higher education system of the country.

According to Saraswat, if they keep on neglecting the essence of higher education in the country, they will eventually neglect the growth of the nation. It is the higher education that contributes to the growth of the country, other than the economy. Transforming the demography of the country also depends on higher education across the country. Overall the situation of higher education is not a pleasant one.

Saraswat also said that the education ministry in the country, as well as people, are well aware of the fact that the significant number of graduate and PhDs are coming out with the poor quality. After the government of the country compared the investment which they are making in higher education with that of China, they concluded that the situation is dire.

India is spending an overall four percent of the total GDP on education whereas China spends nearly 565 billion dollars on education. Out of the 565 billion, China spends 145 billion on providing students with a better quality of higher education. So far, India spends 12.5 billion in the overall education, and only 4.5 billion dollars make it up to higher education in the country.


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