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The future of engineering education in India

Bipin Dimri Apr 17, 2019

By the looks of it, the GDP of India was recorded to be at a peak in the whole world, back in the 17th Century. The GDP of the country was higher than that of Western Europe’s combined GDP, even countries such as China and the US lagged behind India when it came to estimating the GDP. 

But then during the end of the 17th century and the beginning of the 18th century Industrial Revolution came into being. Many regions around the world took an active part in the Industrial Revolution. And these countries were richly benefited from the industrial revolution. Sadly, India was one of the countries that missed the chance at both technology and engineering.

Now in the year 2019, after witnessing the global advancements for a couple of centuries, the Asian country India is finally as the crossroads. When it comes to education, the country needs to aspire 1.3 billion people and most of these people are young and want to reach greatness. The countries such as the United States and China have specially curated an ecosystem which is currently driving the educational wagon of their respective country.

Colleges across India grant around a million students with engineering degrees per annum and this floods the Indian market with an abundant supply of engineers with a minimal skill set, and hence there is a limited demand for the hiring of these students.

Most of the engineering graduates either have a mechanical engineering education degree or chemical engineering degree. On the other hand, there are excruciatingly limited opportunities when it comes to multi-disciplinary learning as well as problem-solving attributes in the real world. 

The future engineers in India should become proficient with work-based learning along & multidisciplinary programs. The students need to enlist dual emphasis on engineering design as well as self-reflection.


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