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The free college plans by Elizabeth Warren is going to benefit the rich

Bipin Dimri Apr 30, 2019


Senator Elizabeth Warren has reportedly made waves with the comprehensive plan for eliminating the debts that students across the country have taken. Warren also said that she wants to make education at the public colleges entirely free for the students.

The goal of the Senator and presidential candidate of the Democratic party from Massachusetts is to provide the country with free and universal public college. But the truth is there is no such thing in the US and around the world as free education. 

The fundamental nature of attaining education is that it will cost money. The teachers, lecturers, and professors of the educational institutions need to be paid. The educational institution’s building is also needed to be maintained. And lastly, the degrees of these colleges are needed to be printed. At the time of proposing the plan, Warren said that the plan that she has curated is going to cost around $1.2 trillion in the course of a decade.

The proposal that came from Warren, as well as the less comprehensive free college plan from the significant other Democrats, is not aimed at providing the students around the country with free education. Instead, the program will shift who are going to pay for them irrespective of whether it is the government or the individual.

The plan of Warren will stand out the scale in debt. According to Warren, the federal government of the country will easily forgive the $50,000 student loan debt to the families who have an annual income below $100,000 yearly. Additionally, the policy will be less forgiving for the families which makes a quarter million dollars a year. Warren’s claim that the plan is going to forgive the education loan debt for the Americans is going to boost the country’s economic growth.

A student of Seton Hall University, Robert Kelchen said that Warren’s plan will elevate the resources from the older American families who never attended the college neither paid off the debt for the students who are still in debt.


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