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The Family Minister of Brazil said that School should discuss Sexual Abstinence

Bipin Dimri Jun 04, 2019

The Women, Human, and Family Rights minister Damares Alves said that she would like the schools across Brazil to discuss sexual abstinence across schools.

Damares recently said in an interview with the BBC’s news house in Brazil called the BBC Brazil News. During the interview, Damares noted that addressing the primary issue will prevent the spreading of HIV infection among the country’s youth. On the other hand, Damares said that education would help to avoid early pregnancy among girls.

The minister also said that she is often regarded as a crazy minister due to her ideology and believes.

Moreover, she said to the new house that abstinence is the right method for discussing sexual education in the classroom. According to Damares’ interview, there is an active campaign meant for both pleasure and sex, but people only focus on the pleasure part. She thinks that by submitting the affection topic into the debate would prove effective measures in preventing pregnancy. 

The contraceptives and condoms alone cannot prevent the rate of pregnancy among the young women of the country. Instead, abstinence is the most effective way of addressing the level of pregnancy.

In Brazil mere 13-year-old children sleep with more than eight partners over the weekend in the funky parties. It is important for the girl to preserve herself at all costs. Moreover, the boys should preserve themselves till they find their one true love.

The government has continuously been undermining the attempts that Damares is trying to bring to life across Brazil. She had recently attended a meeting in Argentina and sat down with anti-abortion senators.

Damares believe that women in Brazil in their lifetimes suffer twice, first as a victim of rape and second as the executioner while aborting the child. During the interview, Damares also said the Rede Cegonha by Dilma Rousseff program was incredible.


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