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The European Union students will not be facing Brexit next in the following year

Bipin Dimri May 30, 2019

The students of the European Union who will get enrolled in the English universities in 2020 should be eligible for the domestic tuition fees. Also, they can also opt for students loans to accumulate education, given that Brexit persists in Britain. The British Department for Education assured that the students would not have to go through difficult times due to Brexit.

In Brussels minister of the British Universities, Chris Skidmore said to a cabinet of ministers that the students of European Union are would be funded the same way as the British students. Moreover, to pay for their UG & PG courses.

Skidmore also said that the British Education Department is well aware that the students have already started considering their university options for the forthcoming academic session. And this is the only reason why the Education Department revealed that the eligible students from the European Union are going to continue benefiting from their home fee status. On the other hand, they can also access the financial support which they need in the 2020-21 academic year.

The university leaders around Britain have also welcomed the announcement with open arms. Nevertheless, it is expected that the decision is going to be delayed until October ends. The Scottish government, on the other hand, said that in April the European students who will apply for accumulating education the following year are going to be eligible for the home student status.

On the other hand, the Application for the undergraduate places at significant medical schools and Oxbridge will come to an end in October. Moreover, this would lead to considerable uncertainty for the potential applicants of the EU. The international fees for students in England might be 15,000 Euros higher than the yearly fees of the students. The best thing about the announcement was that the student from the EU are eligible for student loans as far as tuition fees are concerned.


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