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The East London high school will become the first carbon-neutral Canadian school

Bipin Dimri May 24, 2019

The JPII, John Paul II Catholic Secondary School, is regarded as the national leader as far as renewable energy is concerned. On Wednesday, the officials of the Eastern London school said that JPII is on the verge of becoming the country’s first carbon-neutral school.

The project of $9.7 million is going to make the school JPII a self-sustaining institution. By the looks of it, the budget will allow the school for producing and delivering the energy on its own. The federal government of Canada is going to fund half of the project all through Canadian Natural Resources. The project has been curated, designed, owned, and operated by Ameresco. In Canada, Ameresco specializes in renewable and clean energy.

According to the sources, the project will provide geothermal cooling and heating, energy microgrid, along with a wide array of solar panels. These technological advancements will aid the school in reducing the annual emissions of greenhouse gas to almost zero. JPII Secondary School will use a single natural gas in its campus, especially in the kitchen and science labs. The project is also going to being a couple of electric vehicle charging stations to the campus of the school.

Peter Cassidy, the principal of JPII Secondary School, described the project as a tidy thing that they are going to get themselves involved. Moreover, he also added that he has an educational background from architectural tech as well as environmental issues. Cassidy also said that the students are going to have good insight regarding the environmental issues with the help of the project.

Sarah Bedor, one of the 10th-grade students from JPII secondary schools, has been seen praising the project. At the time the announcement was being made, the students were piling up to hear JPII’s take to provide sustainable energy. Bedor also claimed that JPII Secondary School would become the national leader in conserving natural energy.


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