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The Dean in the Northwestern region of Qatar will step down after a long time

Bipin Dimri Apr 15, 2019

Everette Dennis, the Qatar Dean as well as the CEO of Northwestern University has announced that he is going a step down from his post in the year 2020. By the looks of it, Dennis has helmed the role of dean in the year in June 2011. The first class at Qatar’s Northwestern University went up to complete graduation. 

Under the leadership of Everette Dennis, Qatar Northwestern University has hit a vital record in enrolling the students. On the other hand, they have also curated an important research centre across Qatar and its surrounding places.

In a recent press release, Everette Dennis said that he takes utter pride to be handed over the privilege in guiding Qatar’s Northwestern University to curate a mesmerising new building. Dennis solely expanded the research centre of the university and led the extraordinary, never-seen-before school. After helming the role of dean, Dennis made sure that the school is going to be preparing the students to step into the diverse and competitive 21st-century world which is driven into the stream of the media economy.

Dennis also said that the college made a real difference in shaping and influencing the City of Education. The University is also going to drive changes in the society and eventually change the lives of the Qataris along with the international students alike.

During his time at Northwestern University in Qatar, Dennis managed to transcend the school by building a  new communication and media building. By the looks of it, the media building is considered to be one of the most extensive facilities in the entire world, based on the press release. By the looks of it, this was one of the most significant aspects of some of the numerous outreach initiative that NU-Q has created the regional reputation for the Northwestern University-Qatar.

Given that Dennis is going to depart in the next academic session from the NU-Q, the dean is not going to leave the community of Northwestern Qatar.


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