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Tech can never replace the efficiency of teachers

Bipin Dimri May 20, 2019

Technology has altered the entirety of the numerous industries across Singapore, especially when it comes to education. Nevertheless, tech is not going to replace the teachers around the country, according to Ong Ye Kung, the Education Minister.

The Education Minister also said that the education industry in Singapore isn’t the same as in other countries. And this also means that the teachers in the state are not replaceable. And neither can the principal of the institutions be replayed.

During the Education Disrupt @ The Bay event at Marina Bay Financial Centre, the education minister came in as a guest of honor. The event features the key players of the education industry who come together for examining the possibilities achievable via technology.

The event also featured an exhibition for the ed-tech products along with panel discussions. The education minister pointed out that since the beginning, Singapore works differently from the other countries. Mr. Ong also said that the education system of Singapore is explicitly different from Indonesia. Currently, Indonesia depends more on the teachings have done robots as the country lacks resources.

For a long time now, Indonesia has been using technology to replace the teacher and deliver avant grade education. Mr. Ong said that it is understandable why Indonesia is using technology to educate its masses. The education minister said that Indonesia has 17,000 islands, and each village has an educational institution such as a school with limited teaching resources. Technology has the potential to overcome the problem.

As Singapore is small and compact, the options to hire teachers are unlimited. Singapore has a curated, personalized model which makes the education system of the country better than the rest.

The country can make use of the technology’s assistance after getting to know how the computer systems have helped to identify the weaknesses of the students in some specific topics.


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