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Teachers will vote to move from blue water

Bipin Dimri Jun 11, 2019

There have been severe concerns regarding the “blue water,” which comes from the pipes. According to the sources, the blue colored water is probable chemical contamination at the complex of Townhead Road. Moreover, the Townhead Road has been built in Coatbridge, which used to be a landfill.

On the other hand, the NASUWT union is representing around 12 of the staff members at Buchanan High School. And they said that they would withdraw from the 20th of June to the 28th of June.

The Council of North Lanarkshire has insisted that there has been no evidence that there have been health risks.

The campus such as St Ambrose High, Buchanan High, & community center of Townhead Road which opened in the year 2012 has been an industrial waste inclusive of arsenic and lead all through 1945 & 1972.

During the time plans were being drawn, concerns hovered over a possibility of contamination. Back in March 2018, water that was utilized in the high schools after the authorities discovered that blue water was coming from the pipes. Later on, standardized tests revealed that the copper levels in the campuses were higher than the recommended level.

Officials also said that the increased level of iron was because of corrosion. However, they assured that there wasn’t any health risk. Later, around copper piping of 1,800m was replaced with plastic piping.

The concern reached its peak in the recent weeks after it was reported that four of current members of staff along with former members at the educational institute Buchanan High are undergoing cancer treatment.

On the other hand, the NASUWT union said that there would be a strike action for a week. Additionally, support requires catering in the school for 100 students. The parents of the students accumulating education in Coatbridge schools will organize a public meeting on Thursday at campus due to growing concerns.


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