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Teachers around the UAE are quitting their jobs due to audit culture

Bipin Dimri Apr 29, 2019

Most of the teachers around UAE are quitting their jobs due to serious interference from the school leaders as well as education regulators. The revelation came from an expert at the ResearchEd event which took place in the previous week on Saturday.

Rebecca Allen a former teacher from the US, as well as an education analyst, said that the “audit culture” around the UAE is the primary reason that is threatening the essence of competence, autonomy as well as relatedness around the classroom.

Allen was the one who spoke at the event which was held at the Dubai College. According to Allen, the teachers are not supposed to be a part of the standardized & centralized audit performance. Allen feels that unlike any other profession, most of the things that happen with the teachers and students are confined to a classroom. It is nearly impossible to measure what the children have comprehended from the teachings.

The fundamental principle of the audit culture signifies that most of the teachers around the schools can no longer decide how they can teach lessons to the children. The teachers are also in no control of marking the work of the students, record the learning and assess their knowledge.

The English teachers are currently needed to create a paper trail which will show that learning has taken place in the classroom. The schools around England and the staff such as head teachers and inspectors want to keep tabs on what happens inside the classroom where they aren’t present.

Allen is the chief analyst and co-founder at Teacher Tapp. Rebecca said that the perceived culture of control demotivates the teachers and pushes them to the point of resignation. For the last 15 years, Allen has been into researching and writing about the schools. She has continuously been questioning the necessity of the standardized way of attaining education.


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