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Support for the K-12 staff becomes official, again

Bipin Dimri Jun 03, 2019

Across Canada, a new K-12 support staff agreement becomes official. This ratification came into being from the officials of districts, the local union, and the Association board under B.C. Public School Employers. By the looks of it, the Mandate-based Sustainable Services Negotiating has been the brains of the formal introduction of K-12 staff.

The school districts are often responsible for employing the support staff such as trades, custodians, assistants for education, maintenance workers, accounting, clerical as well as information technology.

The agreement also focuses on improving the services of the people. Additionally, it also ensures an affordable and fair rate of compensation. The new K-12 agreement comprises:

1- General increase in terms of wage by 2% every year.

2- An effective term for three years starting from the 1st of July 2019 to 30th of June 2022.

3- The 727 CUPE Local that represents 221 members and SD 70 has also been a part of the negotiation for three non-instructional days at the time of the academic school session. The agreement also suggests that education assistants are going to attend mandatory training from all the leading sphere.

The ratification completes the process that was brought to life by the Provincial Framework Agreement of 2018. Moreover, it was also paved the way towards a collective agreement which is going to be negotiated between the K-12 support staff in the local unions. On the other hand, around 60 of the public school district employers have also been negotiated all through B.C.

The Mandate of the SSN supports the commitment of the government in improving the services that will benefit people. Making the lives of the people much more comfortable and investing in the sustainable economic growth of the country. The mandate is also going to oversee the balanced budgets along with fiscal management.


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