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Supply & Demand for the colleges in Brazil is on the Rise

Bipin Dimri Jun 04, 2019

From eight million of the students of higher education in Brazil, 20 per cent of the students is willing to take courses based on distance education. In Brazil, distance education is a method of teaching that is highly pursued and at the same time criticized in the country.

People like Bruna Moura love the administrative nature of the country. Nevertheless, she does not go to college anymore. Instead, she studies remotely wherever she wants, and this is something that Moura considers as an advantage. Moura does not have to catch a local bus anymore to reach to the education institution. The most added benefit that came from the new change in accumulation of education is in the drop of the tuition fees from R$580 to R$150.

Across Brazil, around two million students have enrolled themselves in the university-level course based on distance education. Moreover, this represents a total of 21 per cent of overall higher education.

The structure of education is shifting to a TV channel where the professor records the class with the help of video and audio technician that benefits the students in the long run. According to the source, a new study course will entirely focus on the literature class for the Masters’ students. The best part of the class is that it is completely live.

The officials confirmed that the transmission is going to reach around 250,000 students. By the looks of it, this number has been enrolled in the distance learning education program of the university.

Sometimes, the distance education programs are held in person, and it revolves around different testing centers that are located throughout Brazil. By the looks of it, the numbers of these centers have grown from 5,000 to over 15,000. Nevertheless, the experts have been questioning the quality of education, which is given to the students.


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