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Students in the US have no place to sleep

Bipin Dimri Jun 11, 2019

One of the students in the US, 23-year-old Keyshawn Johnson, said that she used to have an impossible rate of homework as soon as she headed home. During this time, Ms Johnson was pursuing the associate’s degree in California’s Glendora, Citrus College. Moreover, there was something else that was eating up Ms Johnson, i.e., where to park the car as she used to live in the vehicle, literally.

Johnson said that the entire journey was quite a little troublesome and problematic for her. According to Johnson from 2014, and through Sept. 2016, she slept in Chrysler 200. The student blames that living in a car for more than two years, affected her grades, along with emotional stability and mental health. On the other hand, Johnson also said that she was having clear doubts regarding her future.

The dire situation that Johnson faced during while pursuing her associate degree is much more common than they realize.

In the fall of 2018, a survey was conducted involving 86,000 students. By the looks of it, Community & Justice and College’s Hope Center has found that the US’ homelessness affects 18% of the total respondents who have been attending colleges for a term of two years. Painstakingly, 14% of the attendees come from four-year institutions.

According to the survey, students while pursuing education find it tough to pay house-rents across the US. Hope Center’s founding director, Sara Goldrick-Rab said, in the US some people are not on the street at the given point of time. Nevertheless, they don’t have a regular or fixed place to rest at night. And this gives rise to stress, which interferes with their education.

If these students are temporarily staying with a relative or a friend, then the scenario is no different than homelessness. When compared to the rate of homeless students of the past, the present day scenario is 20 times worse.


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