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South Africa will introduce Kiswahili to its education system

Bipin Dimri May 20, 2019

Prof George Magoha, the Education Cabinet Secretary, made a sign on behalf of the Government of Kenya Theresa Angelina Matsie Motshekga, Basic Education Minister of South Africa signed on behalf of the government of the country.

The signing of the agreement had taken place in Jogoo House. By the looks of it, the signing of the agreement was witnessed by Dr. Belio Kipsang, the Early Learning & Basic Education’s Principal Secretary.

According to the signed agreement, South Africa will provide the basic amenities concerning technical capability in the field of education rather than just expanding the Kiswahili language into lingua franca of South Africa.

Prof. Magoha noted that the Memorandum of Understanding would be strengthening the amicable relationships between the two countries. He said that the Kiswahili aspect of the agreement is going to help in forging a stronger relationship between the people both the countries.

Most of the people from Kenya are explicitly trained both in medicine, and some of the other disciplines from the Universities across South Africa. The mutual exchange of intellectual capital will surely benefit both Kenya and South Africa.

Motshekga also said that around 40 percent of the learners around South Africa are fluent in Kiswahili. According to Motshekga, the MoU is going to make it possible for the learners around South Africa to consider Kiswahili as a second language other than Portuguese and French languages.

The Memorandum of Understanding explores another area based on cooperation based on learning and teaching via a digitalized curriculum delivery. When it comes to an online learning program, Kenya is at the top of the game. Motshekga praised the Digital Learning Programme of Kenya, which has a potential for addressing the relative gaps in skills betwixt learners. The Digital Learning Programme also provides a top-notch solution without solving the problem that comes with a shortage of teachers.


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