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Singapore’s education minister wants to join hands with India for digitalized future

Bipin Dimri Jun 10, 2019

The education minister of Singapore, One Ye Kung, said that the country is keen to cooperate with India when it comes to the sphere of skills developed. One Ye Kung also added that the new cabinet which has been recently constituted committee based on skill development and employment. Moreover, it would invigorate the effort of the country to impart the essential skills of employability to the people.

One Ye Kung was recently present in the plenary session of the Growth Net Summit, which took place in New Delhi. During the session, the education minister said that India, as a country has a massive scope to enhance skills alongside Singapore. 

Given that Singapore is a small country and has limited resources, there is a highly likely chance that Singapore can make a meaningful impact concerning the area. Singapore’s education minister also stressed on the fact that there is a need to incorporate better skills and talent in terms of the digital economy.

Both Singapore and India are extremely different from one another. Nevertheless, both countries have impeccable similarities. In a single generation, Singapore grew from a third-world country to a first-world country. And this is more of the reason why Singapore needs to break new ground rules in education, smart city solutions, and city planning.

India also had a transformational economy most remarkably. As of now, India has become the fastest-growing nation with the groundbreaking economy in the whole world. Statistics also suggest that millions of Indians are put away from BPL every year. The rate of middle-class people in India has quadrupled in more than two decades.

Kung also said that the rate of social transformation in the digitized age is dependent young people of the country. And this is the reason why young people should be provided with proper skills and education to make the country better concerning the economy.


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