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Singaporean Teacher are happy with their jobs but face significant challenges

Bipin Dimri Jun 03, 2019


The teachers around the world, as well as in Singapore, play a crucial role, i.e., to educate the students. Moreover, the teachers are not simply responding to inform the students in academic content, preferably in terms of attitudes and values. The most crucial role of teachers is that they play a critical role to guide the students via numerous educational pathway.

Irrespective of the countries or places, the teachers are always responsible for preparing the students for the forthcoming adulthood.

Most of the teachers who are passionate about their work usually derive inexplicable joy from the intangible rewards like the one, which suggests that the learners out of the blue understand the concept. When the former students thank the teachers for guiding them to become better versions of themselves, that is that moment that makes a teacher happy.

A recent study reported that 80 percent of the teachers often experience verbal and physical bullying, along with harassment from parents and students. Moreover, 83 percent of the teachers said that they would like to leave the professional due to constant bullying from parents & students.

The Teacher’s union in Singapore provides excellent help to the teachers by helping them understand their fundamental rights. By the looks of it, the student’s union also provides teachers with the knowledge they need to make the students discipline. The most challenging aspect for the teachers is while managing challenging parents, along with the students with widely disruptive behaviors.

Nevertheless, the third and the major challenge a teacher faces is while dealing with severe human emotions which comes from their work. In Singapore, there are also high-stakes, which gives rise to a different and challenging education nature across Singapore concerning the significant stakeholders, students, parents, and teachers. The teachers do not only invest their time or effort instead put in their emotional energy into the educational institutions.


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