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Singapore things learning should be competition and removes the student's ranking system from their report cards

Bipin Dimri Jun 03, 2019

Ong Ye Kung, the Education Minister of Singapore, has been curating ways to exclude unnecessary competition from education. And this ultimately made the Education Minister opt for the idea which suggests that there won't be examination ranking across the country. According to Singapore's Education Minister, none of the students or their parents wouldn't know how much the students have scored. Moreover, this would help in keeping the secrecy of who stood first and who stood last intact.

Nevertheless, there are some new elements that the new report cards are going to include, such as:

  • Level and class mean.
  • Maximum and minimum marks.
  • The failing marks will either be underlined or colored.
  • Fail/Pass revelation at the end of the academic session.
  • Mean grades for all the subjects.
  • Annual total marks will come into effect.

Lastly, L1R5 subjects meaning English and five different relevant subjects or L1R4 English or four different relevant subjects; EMB3 or English, Mathematics, and three best subjects; and EMB1 or English, Mathematics and one best subject for the lower secondary levels.

The major purpose of the new kind of report card is that this would help parents, teachers, and the students to learn and not to focus on pushing the children into competing with each other. Most of the time, it's the parents that compel the students to read to beat the topper of the previous exam.

Some of the other changes that come from the new rules state that there won't be examinations for Primary 1 and 2 classes. On the other hand, the assessment forms are not to be considered in the overall grading system.

Schools in Singapore would use several other qualitative descriptors that would replace grades and marks for evaluating the progress of the pupils. Additionally, the marks are going to be presented using the decimal points for the older students in both secondary and primary schools.


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