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Shafie asks the Petronas for providing education to the Sabahans

Sudipto Das Mar 25, 2019

Shafie Apdal, the Chief Minister of Sabah, has said to the Petronas to divert their focus to the CSR programmes also known as Corporate Social Responsibility in Sabah. Apdal feels that the SCR programmes are going to put the deserving Sabahans directly.

Apdal has accepted the efforts which were put forward by Malaysia’s national oil company. The oil company comes under the environmental conservation department. By the looks of it, the nation-wide oil company comes under the Imbak Canyon Conservation Area aka ICCA. Nevertheless, the conservation department said that the time is of the essence and is to the right time to provide education in these areas.

Preserving the environment is one of most of the essential jobs in the present day world. If a person carries out the process of CSR in the valley, with an addition to this, the researchers are also going to be benefited from the above mentioned CSR.

Shafie said that if a political leader provides a hundred million RM to Yayasan Sabah, so it is also possible that they can provide the scholarships to the young generation. Given that the mentioned amount of money is a lot, the real questions is how many of the students can be benefitted.

In the previous year itself, around 34 students from Sabahan have reportedly received excellent results in SPM all through the nation. The students have also received a considerable amount of sponsorships to fathom in their careers. These students were provided with studies which came from the programme called Petronas Education Sponsorship.

ICCA is located in the central district of Tongod in Sabah. Shafie said that keeping ten students and 100 students happy is an easy feat but making a million people satisfied is a groundbreaking task for any leader of a state or a country. And this is the only as to how a nation can be built.


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