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Sexual abuse in Canadian schools is a persisting issue

Bipin Dimri Jun 07, 2019

One of Canada's national charity firm is responsible for tracking the event of exploitation and sexual abuse of the children. They have found out that the shameful incident involving teachers sexually abusing or molesting students has become a massive problem for the country.

The Canadian Centre for Child Protection, situated in Winnipeg, said that they are carrying out ongoing research. According to the firm, there has been around 108 confirmed or alleged report of molestation in while accumulating education from institutions like schools in over a year. 

The report also includes the sexual abuse incidents taking place across Canada. The reports state that there is a new case based on sexual abuse in school every other week. On the other hand, this is quite similar to the sexual abuse of the student's trend that existed two decades back. There is no way to control these heinous acts even in this world.

The director of the firm, Noni Classen, said that, if this data doesn't suggest that the country has a persisting problem then nothing in the whole world would. Since the 1st of January 2018, reports suggest that there has been around 36 criminal conviction along with disciplinary findings. According to Classen, the remaining cases haven't yet been presented before the judge and the jury in Canadian courts.

According to the center, there has been 1,300 confirmed or alleged sexual abuse cases from 1997 to 2017.  According to Classen, the rate of falsified claims by the students is extremely low.

Moreover, the researchers have collected the data as mentioned above by simply combining the records from Canadian courthouses, reports from media as well as provincial organizations which regulate teachers. According to Classen, some of the people have been tremendously surprised by the recent numbers. Classen also said that what was happening in the past is continuing due to zero effort from state regulators.


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