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Schools in the UAE will utilize virtual reality for boosting learning

Bipin Dimri Apr 24, 2019

By the looks of it, the virtual reality is going to bring learning to a whole new level of interactiveness in the classrooms. According to the sources, there are some new technological advancements which are currently used in the classes and schools around UAE as an essential tool for teaching such as VR.

By the looks of it, the schools are presently experimenting with the VR with the intent of immersing the students in the simulated environment that encourages problem-solving skills, creativity as well as critical thinking, according to an expert at the EdTech conference in Abu Dhabi. Some of the most popular games such as Minecraft will help the students in building objects with the help of different colored blocks in a third-dimensional world. Judging by the facts, only some teachers around the country are currently using the technology to impart education to the students.

During an educational event, Bett MEA, it was revealed that the recent trends in education technology are becoming immensely popular. By the looks of it, Bett MEA was organized at the National Exhibition Centre around Abu Dhabi this week on Monday. 

The experts of the edtech along with the teachers had gathered for discussion the future of education in the country.

The virtual reality has the optimum power in creating a house in one of the game or by simple using a headset that will help to engage the students in curating their own stories.

Virtual Reality is capable of providing many things to the students. They are great for the students in taking a peek at the advanced ideas that cannot be experienced in reality. And on the other hand, virtual reality is also capable when it comes to storytelling.

Microsoft’s Worldwide Education vice president, Anthony Salcito said that Virtual Realities could create more significant opportunities with the help of enthralling experiences that come from virtual reality. In the foreseeable future, the virtual reality augmented reality, as well as the mixed reality, will become bigger trends.


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