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School Watch, Ofsted suspects 500 illegal schools in England

Bipin Dimri Apr 13, 2019

Over past three years, over 500 illegal schools are suspected in England that educates thousands of students. The suspicions are by Ofsted, which is a school watchdog, as per the data.

Reportedly, these schools are bad in conditions having expose wires, open sewers and appalling conditions. The inspector of Ofsted says that the schools kept students to play computer games all day long. Other inspectors also found that the student in every classrooms repeated religious texts. The students were taught no other apparent education than religions texts.

However, local authorities in some cases used to send children to alternative provision which were unlicensed. In a case, the council even paid huge amount of about £27,000 in a year to be educated in setting that has o registration. Also, the teachers who were banned and untrained used to teach students. Such teachers underwent no employment checks. The reports say that the buildings of these schools were poor in hygiene and facilities.

As per data that Ofsted released, it shows the taskforce for illegal schools investigated 521 settings along with 259 inspections. These data were collected in January, 2016.

Ofsted also estimates that about 259 illegal schools taught about 6000 students. 

Tip of the iceberg-Victor Shafiee

Victor Shafiee, Deputy Director of Ofsted says that the figures represent the tip of iceberg. He also says that the inspectors told him that there are still many illegal schools out there. It is not good enough that isolate and vulnerable students end up in these illegal schools, as per Victor. He also added that such places have no quality assurance, oversight and they are also out of sight.

Victor also says that the students who come to study in those illegal schools face challenge for their life. According to him, the place might rob the life chances of students. He also says that the parents of those students are misled and pay £7500 a year or such illegal schools


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