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School leaders accolade by Education Secretary for academy success

Bipin Dimri Apr 06, 2019

Damian Hinds was joined by school leader while celebrating the achievement of the academies programme. Achievement of the programs of the institutions and the effect it was having in developing the quality over there around the nation was accolade by the Education Secretary on 4th April.

Damian Hind was joined by 76 schools and the leaders at Lancaster House to reach the landmark of achievement that half of the students in the UK are currently pursuing an education at different academic level and free institutions.

To make the most of the success of the institutional programs that gave liberty to the leaders of it in a number of institutions around England since 2010, Mr. Hinds was the host on behalf of the renowned institutions and free schools, which included many top names like Harris Federation, Co-op Academies Trust and STAR Academies, to accolade them for the good job.

Lord Agnew, the academic minister, was the other host of the reception, and he cited the fact that half of the kids of the UK in the schools funded by the state are given greater standard education in comparison with the schools run by different councils.

Mr. Hinds also thanked the other attendees for the level of passion they put for enhancing the quality of education for children and taking the standard of education to a new level, at even the toughest parts of the nation.

Damian Hinds, the Education Secretary, said that “The overwhelming majority of academies – that’s more than 8,000 schools – tell a positive story. I see and hear about this every day in my job, and we’ve come a long way in the past eight years thanks to the hard work and dedication of teachers and school leaders across the country – including all of you.”


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