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Riverston School Dubai receives the International Initiative UAE award

Bipin Dimri Apr 10, 2019

The Riverston School Dubai has been recently acknowledged as the most innovative inclusion model. The acknowledgment also made the Riverston School Dubai one of the winners of the Top School Awards. According to the school authority, the International Initiative award is a great feat for the school as well as the group of schools and the educational institute that comes under the umbrella organization: Riverston.

RSD or Riverston School Dubai received the award not for providing state-of-the-art education instead for enabling the students to know more about the learning needs, which is important for the talented and gifted students to succeed in life.

The teachers at the Riverston School Dubai focus on providing exciting ways to the students which makes the education better in the classrooms. The school believes that skill-based critical thinking is utmost important for the students. It is the critical thinking that will help the children in the long run. 

According to RSD, it is imperative for the educators to curate some of the essential questions which will inspire the students to see the subjects as a solution for solving problems. The questions that RSD asks its students cannot simply be answered with a mere yes or no.

The children will be able to gain the critical thinking every time they solve the reading assignments which are generally provided to them by their teachers. The educators at RSD are well aware of the fact that videos and interactive methods of learning entice the students more than the contents present in the textbooks. The school along with its educators provide the students with objective questions that makes them better at solving the problems and in critical thinking.

Riverston School Dubai teach the children about the benefits of independent learning so that in the end the students are going to be left with something or the other to process. The pursuit of excellence among students depends on what is taught in schools.


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