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Qatar will curate a city for military education

Sudipto Das Mar 25, 2019

Qatar has made plans for establishing a city which is exclusively dedicated to providing military education in the country. The head of all the colleges and institutes in Qatar, Hamad bin Ahmed al-Nuaimi. Hamad bin Ahmed al-Nauimi is the head of the distinctive institutes of the Qatari Armed Forces. The revelation came into being on Thursday of the previous week.

al-Nuaimi recently had an interview with the Ministry of Defense’s magazine called Al-Talai. According to the said interview, the planned city is going to be comprised of numerous institutes, centers establishments as well as military educational establishments. The faculty at the institute are also going to provide sports as well as training facilities. By the looks of it, the project is going to big around a significant leap for the military department of Qatar.

By the looks of it, Al-Naimi went as far as he possibly could and announced numerous other significant initiatives such as plans for establishing a higher quality of academy meant for a college focusing on war as well as military sciences.

On the other hand, the Armed Forces of Qatar’s military have come out with a considerable amount of step. This is a giant step when it comes to armaments as well as the human resources of the Qatari army.

In the middle of 2017, the Saudi-led bloc in the states had imposed a critical embargo on the country of Qatar. Saudi Arabia was also seen to accuse the country of supporting the terrorist groups located in the nearby regions.

As a matter of fact, Doha has been long denying its part in the allegation. Moreover, the embargo led by Saudi Arabia has been described by Doha as a violation of international law. None of the countries have put forward the air of transparency of what took place.


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