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Pro-Educated candidates are suggested to be elected

Bipin Dimri Mar 27, 2019

One of the advocacy groups for education is reportedly urging the education stakeholders by helping them to choose the leaders who are going to prioritize the education even into their agenda of legislation.

Lovelaine Basillote, the executive director of Philippine Business for Education said that there is a sheer need for the stakeholders to come forward across distinctive sectors of the society. These stakeholders are then going to coordinate and deliberate the efforts of PBEd for pushing forward the reforms which take place in education.

And this is one of the reasons why it is highly essential to choose the perfect leaders who will be advocating with the policies that are aligned with the prolonged development plan of Philippine. Lovelaine Basillote also said that having such leaders is going to directly make a bombasting impact on the long-term vision meant for national development. The government regards the vision as 2040.

With the help of this platform, the education system will ensure that the graduates from Filipino are going to acquire the relevant competencies as well as develop the values which are going to guarantee quality life for every single last one of the Filipinos.

In the meantime, the chairperson of PBEd Ramon del Rosario has noted that the country comes at the top of the list when the highest rate of unemployment rate in the whole of Asia is considered. The graduates of Filipino generally lack the skills which the distinctive sectors of the industries need.

The latest data by the International Labor Organization revealed that around 21.7 percent of youth from Filipino is in dire need of education as well as training. The poor learning of the children begin its point of origin from the schools itself. The National Achievement Test in the Philippines has ample evidence to back up the claim.


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