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President Halimah: Supporting the students with special educational needs is a priority

Bipin Dimri Apr 18, 2019

Leroy Lim and Muhammad Aaron Irwan always stick together in their school. Leroy, 13 years old brings food for Aaron during the recess time, and on the other hand, he also assists him with his homework when Aaron is in need of vivid understanding of the subject matter. The reason as to why the two young boys always stick with each other is because they have a common interest. Both Leroy and Aaron play Mobile Legends, an online smartphone game.

Leroy and Aaron are the secondary students at the Zhenghua Secondary School. And because of the game, Leroy has become a designated friend for more than a year now. The sad part is Aaron suffers from a condition called muscular dystrophy.

The 16-year-old Aaron travels from places to places in a wheelchair, and he only gets a time window of 10 minutes to write something, in the eleventh minute it gets physically problematic for him. Leroy said that when he started to have food with Aaron, both of them had nothing in common. In the course of time, they began playing mobile games together, and that is precisely how the young boys became best of friends with each other. It is the game that made them close friends.

President Halimah Yacob visited the Zhenghua Secondary School on the 17th of April 2019. He said that there is more to education than just curriculum changes and school buildings. The most critical part of an institution is the peer-to-peer support which plays a crucial role for the students who have special needs in education just like Aaron.

Halimah also commended the buddy system of the school where she pointed out that it is imperative for the fellow students to understand and support their friends. The students who are in search of special needs feel isolated and marginalized most of the time.


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