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    Sangita Mukherjee.

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    Sangita is a former tutor and a prolific writer, penning blogs to help parents, students and educators alike. Regularly contributing articles for LearnPick, she prefers to write on varying aspects of education ranging from learning strategies, student psychology, preparation tips, and many more.

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Top 20 Plagiarism Detection Tools

Technology advancement and the development of internet has provided us with the opportunity to access tons of information from any place and at any time on the planet. Original ideas has become a cliché nowadays.

Professional Development for the Busy Teachers: News Aggregators

Proficient advancement encourages open teachers to new patterns in their field and helps them in developing in their profession. Be that as it may, with the huge amount of work teachers as of now have, is frequently goin

Pros and Cons of Distance Learning Programs

Distance education has helped lot of students who wants to study, however, they cannot afford for full time college course or who cannot attend regular classes. Despite of the fact that distance learning programs do acc

7 Ways How Knowing Student Psychology Is Important For Teachers

How far can you build a house without knowing what it is that you are building it on? The first thing you need to know about building a house – or anything, for that matter – is WHAT you are basing it on.

How To Use Canva For Making Beautiful Tutorial Presentations

Whether you are a tutor, executive, speaker, or a working professional, creating a presentation is vital for many key positions these days. Getting your message forward to your audience in a concise and visually appeali

10 Interesting Ways to Have Fun While Studying

You can do everything right: getting yourself treats, arranging your time precisely, ensuring your room is all around ventilated and your seat legitimately balanced for your back, and still feel like you're checking