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    Sangita Mukherjee.

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    Sangita is a former tutor and a prolific writer, penning blogs to help parents, students and educators alike. Regularly contributing articles for LearnPick, she prefers to write on varying aspects of education ranging from learning strategies, student psychology, preparation tips, and many more.

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China East Education Seeks Up to $680 Million in Hong Kong

China East Education Holdings Ltd. provides vocational training has started to take orders from the investor on Monday for a Hong Kong early public offering which could almost $680 million. The Hefei, Anhui-based organi

Hong Kong Education Chief Says Law for Special Needs Students

Image Courtesy: www.hongkongfp.com Hong Kong's education service has said there is no requirement for another law to help custom curriculum needs (SEN) students, expelling a part's bill proposed by two legi

Hong Kong and Shenzhen Showed us What Quality Early Childhood Education Looks Like

“We do not use commercially bought toys. We only use learning materials. All of them are developed by the teachers themselves, over time,” said Ms Young, a principal of a kindergarten in Lam Tin, Hong Kong.

Brazil Textbooks 'to be revised to deny 1964 coup'

Mr Vélez denies that the 1964 military expelling of democratically chosen President João Goulart was an overthrow. He likewise alludes to the 21 years of military guideline which pursued as "a just ro

Brazil's Bolsonaro Withdrawing Funds from Philosophy, Sociology

Brazil's far-right president, Jair Bolsonaro, on Friday said that the Minister of Education is thinking about pulling back assets from logic and human science programs. Bolsonaro, who beforehand has expressed his re

Brazil Substitutes Far-Right Education Minister with Conspiracy Theorist

At the time when news broke that Brazil's leader had sacked his disputable far-right education minister, any expectations that Jair Bolsonaro may have directed his perspectives kept going about as long as it took Bra

Actus Education Holdings Acquires Kenyan group

The local owners of the schools, the Gachukia family, uncovered that they will hold the board jobs inside the school’s system. A press articulation issued to declare the arrangement said the Group's establishi

Researchers Thrashed by Social Media for Branding the South African Women as ‘coloured’ in a Test Conducted for Cognitive Functioning

A Stellenbosch University consider that discovered shaded ladies have an expanded hazard for low subjective working because of low education levels and unfortunate way of life practices has been met with contempt and sho

New Software Engineering Programme Launched by the Government for South African Schools

The State Information Technology Agency (SITA) will dispatch a 'School of Software Engineering' program for South African secondary schools. The gathering said that the new 'school' frames some portion o