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    With 8+ years of experience as a freelancer, I hold expertise in article writing, blogging, content writing and proofreading with high-level proficiency in writing technical as well as non-technical content. I understand the pulse of the matter and can make the words beat with life.

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The students across Singapore rejoice with a new way of learning

The students who grow up in Singapore are subjected to academic examinations, not just once but twice in a year. And the same is happening around this time of the year when the majority of the students in the Secondary a

Why is mother tongue education in South Africa still getting attacked?

For more than 117 years, the controversy related to mother-tongue education of South Africa has been waging conflicts in the country. There is a highly likely chance that the British “Englishing” restriction

The East London high school will become the first carbon-neutral Canadian school

The JPII, John Paul II Catholic Secondary School, is regarded as the national leader as far as renewable energy is concerned. On Wednesday, the officials of the Eastern London school said that JPII is on the verge of bec

The students with low income in Canada are going to face a tough time

The School Board of Toronto District is looking forward to trimming the spending of $67-million. The experts, on the other hand, are suggesting that the students with low-budgets are going to be affected more when things

The universities of South Africa are making students proficient in multiple-languages

South Africa has around 11 official languages, and this makes the country an ideal example of being a diversified, multicultural, and multilingual place. The Constitution of South Africa, along with some policies and sig

South African school children and teachers should use digital content for education

The education policy in South Africa from the beginning has been closely related to the social conditions of South Africans. And this might be the reason why the country celebrates the protests conducted by the students.

Religious Studies and Theology students are diminishing from the UK universities

In the United Kingdom, subjects like Religious studies and Theology is at risk, according to a report. The report has also warned that the number of students opting for Theology and Religious studies has been halved in s

Half of the academics in the UK are stressed where forty percent want to leave

The most notable management lecturer from a state-of-the-art university, Ed Harris has stopped sleeping. Sadly, Ed Harris is also having problems in his blessed marriage. It was during this moment when he realized that h

A massive study displays unfairness in the United Kingdom’s choice of school

The parents of secondary schools across the United Kingdom have been opening expressing the on-going unfairness in the country’s school system. The study has been published recently in the Oxford Review of Educatio