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    With 8+ years of experience as a freelancer, I hold expertise in article writing, blogging, content writing and proofreading with high-level proficiency in writing technical as well as non-technical content. I understand the pulse of the matter and can make the words beat with life.

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Government is now taking new steps for developing South Africa's Educational standards

Cuba, South Africa is very serious considering education. It all started back in the 20th century. The founders made sure that only convincing and quality education should be given to children. Cuba's history of pove

UofT released a center to provide vaccine

The health experts in Ontario are reportedly going to launch a newly curated research center which is wholly focused on to boost the rate of immunization. The new move with counter unfounded fears which have been fueled

The school students will lose out £65m of free school meals

The students of the secondary school who belong to the downtrodden families of around the UK. These students are entitled to get free meals from school; however, these students are presently losing out on hundreds of mil

House Democrats are seeking cut in the federal charter school funding

The Democratic representatives around the country are currently proposing a sweep cut in the federal funding for the charter school. By the looks of it, the Democrats are profoundly concerned about the Education Departme

The public school board of Upper Canada has sent notices to one hundred teachers

The rural areas that surround Ottawa are operated by the public board, along with the communities of Hawkesbury, Brockville, Perth, Pakenham, Cornwall, Alexandria, Smiths Falls, Kemptville, and Almonte. On Tuesday, the b

Alberta election threaten Canadian public education

Education that is given across Canada is a massive success story, as far as the global perspective is concerned. When contrasted to the schools of other jurisdictions from across the world, the Canadian schools are well-

Student Movement in South Africa is not slowing down

The infamous #FeesMustFall by the student came into the political landscape of South Africa in the year 2015. The student movement began as a protest to reduce the cost of higher education in the country. Back in Octobe

University Stellenbosch has apologized for the trauma due to a research article

On Tuesday, Stellenbosch University has reportedly apologized by pouring out its soul and heart due to the trauma that was inflicted by a research article. After the research article was published, it received massive sc

Universities in the UK will tackle racism

The universities across along with NUS are on the verge of highlighting the gaps between students of different races. By the looks of it, there is a 13% gap between BAME and white students in attaining first & second