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Canada wants to support education climate education across the country

  Since the history of the existence of human beings, climate change has been the most defining challenges that the world faces. And this is the reason why the country wants to enhance education along with the aw

Singapore things learning should be competition and removes the student's ranking system from their report cards

Ong Ye Kung, the Education Minister of Singapore, has been curating ways to exclude unnecessary competition from education. And this ultimately made the Education Minister opt for the idea which suggests that there won&#

Singaporean Teacher are happy with their jobs but face significant challenges

  The teachers around the world, as well as in Singapore, play a crucial role, i.e., to educate the students. Moreover, the teachers are not simply responding to inform the students in academic content, preferabl

Two South African B-Schools are peaking at global rankings

Two of the top-notch institutions in South Africa are deemed to be the best Business School around the world. The names of the colleges are UCT GSB, Graduate School of Business as well as Gordon Institute of Business Sci

Post-18 education should work in a better way for everyone

The higher and further education should work in a better way for the universities, students as well as taxpayers, according to the Prime Minister of UK, Theresa May. The Prime Minister said that she welcomes the publicat

Equal Education: Angie Motshekga Performance Contract should be public

Angie Motshekhga has recently been appointed as the Basic Minister of Education of South Africa for the third time. And this also indicates that Motshekhaga has to urgently go through a commission which Cyril Ramaphosa,

UBEC will embrace Open Schooling for reducing the number of out-of-school children

UBEC or Universal Basic Education Commission said that it would soon embrace the idea of Open Schooling Programme. The program has the potential of diminishing the number of students who do not attend schools across Nige

Canada’s Horatio Alger Association launched new technical and vocational education scholarship

Canada’s largest need-based scholarship provider, Horatio Alger Association has recently announced that it is going to launch a new scholarship program for the technical and vocational studies in the country. Accor

Dominic Cardy said that the students need to receive the vaccination from attending schools

Dominic Cardy, the Education Minister, said that students should meet up with the immunization requirements of the region this year. If they don't, then the students will not be allowed to enter the school doors unti