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15 school shootings took place in the US this year

Given that it has only been 19 weeks of the year 2019, but there have been fifteen school shootings around the United States. And in these shootings, some of the victims were hurt, and other victims were killed. From Ca

A conspiracy theory related to terrorism shut down a school festival

A non-dangerous tweet came into being by James Comey related to his previous job. By the looks of it, the online tweet was heavily misinterpreted as a code for an assault "false flag" referred to a family gathe

Cuts in Education are made to repair the damage caused by Bolsonaro Administration

The presidents of the significant opposition parties decided to go against the Jair Bolsonaro government. During a meeting which took place in Brasilia on the 8 of May said that they would make cuts in the field of Educa

Supreme Court Justice is going to present lawsuit against the recent education cutbacks

The oldest and the most prominent member of the Federal Supreme Court, José Celso de Mello Filho is stepping for to put an end to the budget cut. He is going to bring the lawsuit which has been filed by the Democr

Parents are boycotting the Sats tests in the UK

Around fifteen parents of the children of 2nd grade at Bealings School said that the school is over-testing the students. And this over-testing is ruining the education the pupils are accumulating. The school is located

The new educational agreement in Canada is highly beneficial for the tiny tots

The top news of the hour is that Dr Seuss's books are labelled as 'racist'. The recent research brought out that more than 2200 characters are used in Dr Seuss's books. His books highlight the anti-blackn

Educational research updates in Canada are creating a significant impact in the country

Canadian Government is trying to bring revolution to the research arena. These moves by the government will increase diversity, inclusion, and equity. The outputs made it clear that equity and diversity help to incr

A beautiful innovation that will provide a secure future to students in Singapore

Singapore is taking leaps in creating practical devices for the betterment of education. In the race of e-scooters, a team of four students has invented a pedal-power e-scooter. These students are of final year, and this

With the rise in faults, Singapore Educational system is facing mammoth distraction

Higher educational institutes of Singapore demand Academic Freedom. The institutes claim that they are unable to achieve the discoveries. To build a better world, the institutes require freedom. The major problem faced b