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Higher education in the UK is causing a severe crisis

The sector of higher education is facing unprecedented disruption. However, a vast range of funding models signifies that some of the institutions are outperforming others, according to Rachel Willcox’s reports. T

Georgetown will expel two students due to the bribery scandal

Georgetown University revealed on Wednesday that it is curating methods that will lead to the expulsion of two students who are connected with the on-going bribery admission scandal. According to the sources, the announc

Florida has become #1 nation for higher education in US

Ron DeSantis, Governor Florida touted about the higher education system of Florida on Tuesday. The statement of the governor came into being after the “land of flowers” was named as the best state in the whol

European Union visits Singaporean school

Bishan’s Ministry of Education Language had reportedly organized “EU Comes to Your School” event on Monday, 13th of May, 2019. The goal of the event was to bring the project into prominence in order to

Google invests on Actua to curate education based on AI

The search giant, Google has reportedly provided $500,000 to the largest STEM outreach organization, Actua. The investment by Google will help the company to curate an Artificial Intelligence-based curriculum for high sc

Canada’s high school dropouts cost the country a considerable amount of money

The government of Ontario has recently proposed new educational reforms which collectively saves $1 billion. People for Education is responsible for the finding of the result of the analysis mentioned above. The result

Dept. of Basic Education defends the teaching of Sex-Ed to students of 4th grade

The Department of Basic Education said that in South Africa, the Life Orientation is much more than a subject. Additionally, the department stresses that as Life Orientation is an essential part of the curriculum, the So

Gauteng dept of education postpones the dates of the online admission

The education dept in Gauteng has reportedly postponed the beginning of the online application admission for 1st and 8th grade for the academic year of 2020. Previously the date for online application was on the 13th of

Universities are making counter attacks as Brazil cut off scholarship funds

Distinctive education experts and deans across Brazil are widely concerned about the academic future of the country. Last week, the Ministry of Education had reportedly announced that it has blocked off the upcoming scho